This website is about a Grand Tour of Europe in 1896 by a group of Americans that may remain nameless. Along the way on my own grand tour, I have collected some interesting items, including this rather rare glimpse into 1896.  Although photo albums of professional images and post cards are relatively common, finding an album full of personal photos from the time when camera’s were still new on their grand tour is relatively rare. This photo album appears to have been put together by a group of people who appear to have been wealthy, educated and professional when visiting Venice, Rome, Florence, Milan, Switzerland and Germany. There are also pictures from or of several boats.

DSC03539 DSC03308      DSC03306

The photo album came to me with 195 photographs on the front and back of 17 pages. Some appear to be prints bought along the way, but most are taken by members of the group. Throughout the album there are notes and references and I will try to get them added very soon.

DSC03572   DSC03570   DSC03573    DSC03571


DSC03360   DSC03523    DSC03367DSC03307

These are old photos and have suffered a long life. Many show their age. What I did was to make a digital copy of each image and then cropped and enhanced each picture.